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Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating offers in-house sandblasting services. We use only (CARB) approved media. A.B.S. utilizes our vast experience in the abrasive blasting industry to assist our customers with their surface preparation projects.

We sandblast new products and refurbish older items using various types of media. Classic cars, car frames, car parts, rims, motor cycle frames, sand rails, patio furniture, BBQ's wrought iron gates, fencing, wood signs, glass, plastic, structural steel, boat trailers, toys, recreation vehicles, industrial pipes and horse trailers are some of the many items we handle. We can sandblast or media blast just about anything!

Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating is known for working with "High End Custom Body Shops" who restore classic cars for auto shows. Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating has been featured many times on the muscle car type television show "Wrecks to Riches". Our superb skills proved worthy for such a venture. We work with many vendors who utilized our services for their manufactured parts, we also service several artistic designers who bring us their one of a kind museum quality metal art projects, and of course, we work with numerous locals who bring us anything from old metal toys to patio furniture, etc.

Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating prides itself in being an integral part of the client's team, utilizing our ability in assisting and completing both basic and complex segments of a defined project within budget and on time. Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating serves large corporations, small businesses and private parties. We are proud to offer a 48 hour turnaround time on most orders.