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Mobile Sandblasting

Abrasive Blasting Service works with California Department of Transportation and Public Work Entities. We provide service for Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients in most areas. Our equipment and all media used for blasting removals are approved by The California Air Resource Board (CARB) and is permitted throughout California under CARB and AQMD.

Abrasive Blasting Service has several contracts with government and municipality agencies, working hard to improve and maintain the streets, highways and bridges. We can media blast just about anything. We frequently blast parking lots, structural steel, commercial buildings, residential, pools, decks, industrial tanks, rebar, machinery, masonry work, glass, walkways, remove stucco, and much more.

Abrasive Blasting Service is a proud signatory with the laborers international Union of North America under the laborers Master Parking and Highway Improvement Agreement. Abrasive Blasting Service prides itself in being an integral part of the client's team. We utilize our ability assisting and completing both basic and complex segments of a defined project within budget and on time. Abrasive Blasting Service would like to have the opportunity to talk or meet with your representative in person to access any current or future projects you might have an how they match our skills.